All Russian Progress videos are in Russian and with Russian subtitles, but for some videos there are also subs in other languages (if you want to add subs).

Each video goes with a full PDF transcript which is available on Patreon. Also on Patreon I publish extras, exclusive content and some other cool bonuses.

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How to Learn Russian
7 Principles of Russian Progress
  1. Learn Russian by using it (en/fr/it subs)
  2. Listen A LOT (en subs)
  3. Use Your Dead Time to Learn Russian
  4. Learn Something New through Russian
  5. Learn Russian Every Single Day
  6. Repetition is the Mother of Learning (en subs)
  7. Be Proactive in Learning Russian
Spoken Russian for Beginners
Spoken Russian with Subtitles
Vlogs in Russian
  1. Walking around Helsinki, Finland
  2. A Day in Tallinn, Estonia
  3. A Small Russian Town Plyos
  4. Yaroslavl with Julia
  5. My Impressions of Saint Petersburg
  6. Milan, My Favorite City (es subs)
  7. Russian in Lyon, France
  8. Gatchina and Its «Spanish» Palace
  9. My Hometown Novosibirsk
  10. Novosibirsk City Center
  11. Why Go to Novosibirsk
  12. Hong Kong: First Impressions
  13. Macao, a City of Contrasts
  14. First Vlog from Moscow
  15. Red Square, Moscow
  16. Zaryadye Park in Moscow
  17. Bratislava, Slovakia
  18. Russian Culture and History in Moscow
  19. Moscow’s First Pedestrian Street
  20. Прогулка по весеннему Петербургу
  21. Сортавала: финское наследие в России
  22. Прогулка по Великому Новгороду
  23. Warsaw, First Impressions
  24. Three Cities in One Day
  25. Stockholm, Sweden
  26. I Lived There for 18 Years
Russian Conversations
Common Mistakes in Russian
Russian Slang
  1. годнота, огонь, тема, ну такое, зашквар
  2. заходить, бомбить, шарить, подтягиваться, сливаться
  3. жесть, дно, дичь, красавчик, лойс
  4. бро, хайп, чилить, камон, сорян, го, изи
  5. скинуть, забить, париться, сесть, залипать
Russian Vocabulary
Russian Pronunciation
Exclusive Videos

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